Getting bored with the typical style for your invoices? Well now, we’re offering you different templates and the ability to set content and color for it! Personalize and customize your invoices based on your company’s theme! 

We believe that this will create a strong image branding for your company and drastically enhance your reputation to your customers. You can decide the color and go according to your company’s colors, and send it to all your customers so they know which company the invoice is being sent from. 

How to set up different templates for your invoices and emails? Simple!

To choose an invoice template:

  1. Go to My Biztory

  1. Select the Sales tab on the left

  1. Scroll down to Appearance and you are able to change the invoice layout as well as the invoice template

You can also choose to use your own template by clicking the yellow button on the bottom right and you will be redirected to our Facebook Messenger. 

For invoice customizations

  1. Click on your “Sales”  button.

  2. Go to “Sales Invoice”

  3. Look for the customer’s name and click on the print  button

  4. On the top right corner, click on the “Customize” button and adjust your wanted changes.

Tips 1: There are two tabs ‘For Sales Invoice’ and ‘For All Documents’.

- For Sales Invoice: Settings for individually printed documents

- For All Documents: Settings for all printed documents

Tips 2: If you’d like to print your documents in Chinese, click Font Face and select. SongMing.

If you are looking to add any notes, bank account number or terms and condition, you can follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down and look for the “Footer” tab.

  2. Click on Footer Note and click on “Override master settings” 

  3. Tick the box on the footer note

  4. Fill in any informations that you want

  5. Click “Save” on the top right.

If you are looking to remove your signatures in the Purchase Invoice and Expenses, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Footer

  2. Click on the Left Signature or Right Signature

  3. Untick the boxes

  4. Click “Save”