- You owned a drink company and you are having a promotion on the customer's member credit.

- Promotion stated customer have to pay RM600 to become a member as the RM600 will turn into credit points, plus your company will be giving out RM400 credit points to whoever signed up for the promotion.

- A customer named Jason is getting his member credit.

- The deal for the credit is showed as below. 

1. Create a new "Wallet" and put the name you want it to be.

2. Click on "Payment Method" and name it. Do remember to "Save" it.

3. Afterwards, create a new "Journal" under "Accounting", and please fill in all of the details. Do remember to save it too.

    - So now if Jason is purchasing RM120 value of drinks, how should I record it?

4. Once you have saved your new journal, please move to "Sales" to create a new "Sales Invoice". Fill in the details and save it.

5. Mark your invoice as paid "Jason" payment method.

6. Now if you check in "Jason Wallet Statement", you can see that Jason still has an outstanding of RM880 unused.