You can add a new user, set a password or select role for a user. Total number of users is depending on the plan you subscribe. Your plan is shown on the menu bar on top.

To add a new user

  1. Go to My Users from menu bar 

  2. Click Add New+ button. 

3. Enter the username (this is the name use for login to Biztory)

  • Set a password for the user

    • user can change a password by edit it after login later

4. Set a role for the user 

5. Set Report permission or leave it blank

6. Select a language either in English or 中文

7. After create, click in Save button. 


  • Loginable: the user has a login ID and password to login Biztory to access to the features available

  • Non-Loginable: the users has no login ID and password, but can be used as a sales person role, where to record in the invoice.

* User ID: Name display under User Info