Steps to activate IO Point in Biztory

  1. Click the top right and choose “My Biztory”.

  1. Scroll down and click “Third Party Apps”. Then, tick the small check box of IO POINT to activate IO POINT.

  1. Click “Connect to IO Point”.

  1. Click “Confirm” to register an IO Point account for your company.

  1. A new tab will appear, type your password and create your account.

  1. Set up your IO point.

Click “Back to Biztory”  to enjoy the IO point features.

  1. Everything will be set up automatically in IO Point. Go back to Biztory, you can see that Biztory is connected with IO Point and you can click “Go to IO Point Dashboard” to do more setting in IO point. The reward points and earned points are the settings that you did in IO Point during setup.