Why do I need to look at the income statement?

The income statement is very important to any company or enterprise, which mainly shows the company's operating performance, profit or loss. The income statement is closely related to the company's operating costs, profits or losses. Through this report, we can see the proportion of each part of the expenditure to the turnover and use it to analyze the reasons for the increase or decrease in profits. The company can find out the reasons and formulate strategies through analysis, optimize the company's operating structure, and increase profit margins.

To use it, just follow these steps:

  1. Set the date and period you want to view and click "Search".

  1. By setting the specific period it will show how much is the net profit or loss in the report during the specific period.

  1. In addition, users can export or print the report, by clicking “Action”. There are three options: Export(CSV),  Export (Excel) and click "Print".