How to set up payex in Biztory?

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 11:55 PM

1. Please login your Payex account.

2.  Go to setting after login your payex account.

3. Get your Email & Secret Key paste to your Biztory account. (Please refer 4.)

4. Please login your Biztory account , go to My Biztory->Payment Gateway and tick Payex.

5. Paste the Email and Secret Key in the column.
6. And you need to create a wallet in Biztory. Please follow below the step.
a. Before you create the wallet , you may create the chart of account first and link to wallet.
Go to accounting->chart of account create new. Name: payex account type under Bank.
Back to wallet to create new one, and the associated account link to that chart of account you created.
Payment method add payex method and tick payable and receivable.

b. Please select the wallet you just created in Associated wallet/Associated receivable method/Associated payable method column.

7. For the Associated Category, that's mean the payex will charge the commission fees.
You may create a Category in Biztory. (Please refer below the image)
The first you need to create a Chart of account for payex charges under other Expenses.

a. After that create a Category and the associated account link to the Chart of account you just created.

8. After the above step are completed, you can try to send out the Invoice to your client and pay with payex.
Just click the print button and share. (There have the three way you can send out the invoice-share to email/copy link/send to whatsapp)

9. How your customer to make payment?
-They will received the link after you send out, and click the link, will see the Pay button in the top side (Please refer second image).

the last step customer can pay with Payex through FPX.

9. After you done the set up, and send the Invoice to you customer for payment , and they click the pay button->paid by payex.
The invoice payment status will automatically as paid and paid by payex wallet.

In next day, you will received email from payex transfer to you. In Biztory will auto create the fund transfer (payex wallet to you company bank).
For the RM 0.90 commission charge by payex, in Biztory will automatically create in expenses.
you click edit the expenses, the category will under Payex charges.

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