How to Create Sales Order

Modified on Wed, 13 Mar 2024 at 03:18 PM

Why should you create a Sales Order?

This document acts as a formal confirmation of the sale, outlining everything from products and quantities to a price and delivery. This eliminates confusion and ensures everyone is on the same page. They also serve as legal protection, providing a record of agreed-upon terms in case of any disputes.

How to create a Sales Order in Biztory?

1. Click Sales and go to Sales Order.

2. Click on Add New

3. You will encounter this form ; 

3.1. Click on Add Customer to add the customer for this Sales Order

3.2 Fill in the Sales Order details here

3.3 Enter the product for the Sales Order here

3.4 Anything that is related to the total price of the Sales Order, will be located here

3.5 Once you're done, click Save.

Want to convert your Sales Order to Sales Invoice?

1. Click on the Reference No of your chosen Sales Order

2. Click on the 3 dot and choose Copy to Sales Invoice

3. Choose the item you want to copy to your Sales Invoice and click Confirm once you're done

4. Create the Sales Invoice as usual. If you have no idea how to, click here;

How to create a Sale Invoice

5. Once done, you should see your Copied Sale Invoice in the Sale Invoice list


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