How to create a Consignment Note

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Why should you create a Consignment Note?

A consignment note is a critical document for consignment sales, acting as a formal agreement between you and the retailer selling your products. It outlines the specific products, quantities, value, and pricing structure. The note also serves as a record of the initial stock sent, allowing you to track inventory and monitor sales at the consignee's location.

How to create Consignment Note in Biztory?

1. Click Product/Services and go to Delivery Order

2. Click on Add New

3. You'll encounter this form

4. Click on the 3 dot button and click on Settings

5. In the Document Type, choose Consignment Note and then click Apply

6. IMPORTANT ; choose the product that you want to create a Consignment Note for

7. Just create the document, just like how you'd create the Delivery Order. Here's how ; 

How to create Delivery Order

8. Click on the Reference No that you just created. 

9. Click on Mark as Delivered 

8. Next, you would want to create your Goods Received. Here's how ; 

How to create Goods Received

9. When creating Goods Received, choose the same product when created your Consignment Note

10. When you're done, hit Save.

How to view your Consignment Report?

1. Go to Reports and click View More

2. Find Consignment Report and click on Consignment Report3. You've reached your Consignment Report

"Fairuz" identifies the store selling your products on consignment, allowing you to track how much of each product is available for each location.

The "-101" column calculates the difference between the initial amount sent and the current stock level at each store as this helps you pinpoint which consignees are running low and might need restocking to prevent stockouts and missed sales opportunities. 

In a nutshell, this table provides a two-way view of your consigned inventory, revealing both location and remaining sellable stock.

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