Add new product / service & Auto create product

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Add new product

1. We have add Products/Services in Biztory system. In the My Biztory->Inventory, if you are services line you may tick Set inventory tracking for each product, that mean is you can choose the product code is tracking or not tracking your stock.

Go to Products/Services menu and select Products/Services 

  1. Click on Add New 
  2. Fill in Item Name, Item Code and Selling Price.
  3. Select if you sell / buy this product. The column of Sales Info and Purchase Info will pop out once you choose "We Sell/We Buy". You may fill in the selling price and buy cost in the column.
    For the "we track" that means is depends the prodcut need to tracking stock or now.
    Example: Transport charges and any services, untick will do.


            You can still change the buy cost and selling price when create new sales or purchase.


  • We buy: you buy this product from suppliers with cost
  • We sell: you sell this product / service
  • We track: tracking stock

Example: Product

Example: Services
5. Click on "set your product opening stock balance if you have opening stock balance bring forward"

 6. Fill in the opening stock level, average cost unit of the stock (eg. pieces, boxes or so on). Once you key in the                     stock level, Associated Account option will pop out below. 

If you want to customize details on the products/services, you may click on the Advanced button 

  1. Based on the item, select product group
  2. Fill in Description 
  3. Upload images of the product


            4. Set your minimum stock level so that system will notify when you create new sales.

Auto create product

1.Go to My Biztory->sales, tick "Auto create product if does not exist".
  If Purchase then go to purchases

After go to sales invoice to create invoice, the product code not in the list, you can put the item code in the column and save. Then system will auto create the product in the list.
You can check in product/service here. The product auto created in product/service.

Learn to add cost for a product

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