How to adjust invoice logo size

Modified on Wed, 15 Nov, 2023 at 3:32 PM

Please take note
If your in “For Sales Invoice“ got value then will overwrite the value from “For All Document“

1. In print preview page, click Customize

2. Click For All Document

3. Change Logo Size Width and Height

Scenario 1: Logo is rectangle shape. Logo look squeezed after upload to Biztory

Solution: Adjust the Logo Size Width until it reach its normal ratio 

a) Default Width is 50, we now adjust it to 100

b) Click Save


Scenario 2: Logo is rectangle shape after adjusted the width still look small

Solution: increase logo width and height 

a) Default width and height is 50, due to the logo shape is rectangle, we need to increase width more that height. So now we increase width to 120 and height to 80

b) You may noticed that the company number is missing after you adjusted the logo size. 

  • This is due to the TOP page margin is not enough space to show all its content. 
  • To show all the content, you need to increase the TOP page margin.In this case, I will increase TOP Page Margin from 110 to 140.

C) Click Save


Scenario 3: Logo is square shape but is too small.

Solution: Increase logo width and height in 1:1 ratio

a) Default width and height is 50, change the width and height in 1:1 ratio. In this case, we change width to 80 and height to 80.

b) Click Save

NOTE: If your company number is missing after you adjusted your logo size, please refer to Scenario 2, Step b) to adjust. 



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