What is Available stock & Current stock

Available stock

  • How much stock you can sell. In a simple word, it is the stock in hand that you can sell to customers.

Current stock

  • The total stock leave in the warehouse included the stock you haven’t delivered to your customer.


For example, if you are selling sofa. In the beginning, 1 January 2021 you have:

Available Stock: 5

Current Stock: 5

On 3 January, a customer bought 1 sofa from you and you issued an invoice to him/her. The available stock will be reduced 1 on this day, but the current stock will still remain as 5. On 5 January, you issued the delivery order and delivered the sofa to your customer. Then, the current stock will reduce 1 on this day. Therefore, you can exactly track how much stock you have and more accurately.


Note: Enable the Delivery Order feature in Biztory to experience this available and current stock calculation. If you do not enable the Delivery Order feature, the system will automatically deduct the current stock once the sales invoice issue. 


Selling without stock

For example, if you are a pre-sale business such as acting as purchasing agent. You will order stock once you get orders from your customer. You do not have to keep stock in the warehouse. You can do the selling without stock by following the steps below.


  1. Go to your Icon and click on “MyBiztory”


  1. Click on the Inventory button on the top bar.

  2. Tick  “Able to sell without stock”.