Inventory Log 

Having too much or too little stock can be costly, it is important to keep track of your inventory. Biztory provides you with a flexible and easy way of automated tracking input, output and remaining inventory through every invoice you created.

How to check Inventory Log?

  1. Go to the Products & Services button on the menu bar and click on Products & Service

  1. Click on Edit for the products that you want to check Inventory Log

  1. Click on Inventory Log 

  1. Then you will see this dashboard 

  1. Explanation of each features shown

  1. Sales: Number of products you have sold (eg: quantity shows -10, meaning you sold 10). 

  1. Purchase: Number of products you bought from supplier 

  1.  Adjustment: Record of manual stock adjustment.


  1. Available stock: Number of stock you can sell


  1.  Current stock: Number of stocks you have left in the warehouse


  1. Click on  to show particular invoice details, use to check customer/ supplier information, invoice number, date and such.