Due to the new announcement regarding amendment of GST tax rate to 0%, business owners are required to change their product's tax code to SR-0 with 0%. Total value of supplying these products will be recorded under column 5(a) in GST-03 form. As for input tax, TX will be changed to TX-0.


We had provided a simple method to update all your products in just one click. Simply go to "GST > GST Settings" and click on Update Product Tax Code. This will change all your SR/ZRL/ZRE/DS product to SR-0 and all TX/ZP/IM/BL product/expenses categories to TX-0. This will also set your default supply/purchase tax code to SR-0 and TX-0.

Alternative 1:
If you prefer to choose which product to change its tax code, you may follow the below method:

1. Go to "Product/Services > Find the product you wish to change tax code > Edit", change the Output tax code to SR-0. Now when issue invoice, the product will become SR-0 and 0% rate. Similarly, you can change the Input tax code to TX-0.

Alternative 2

If you prefer to keep the product tax code first, but still want to be able to issue a Tax Invoice with SR-0 tax code, you may do the following:

1. Go to "My Biztory > Sales", enable Able to set item GST. Now when creating Sales Invoice, you may untick the 6% checkbox and the item will become 0% rated with tax code SR-0. (p.s. You can also do the same for Purchase, however Expense does not support this feature at the moment)

Alternative 3:

For Expenses category, you may also create the same category again with another tax code. Then you can choose between tax code TX or tax code TX-0. (p.s be sure to assign them to the same Associated Account for proper bookkeeping)