The Inventory Change Report shows you the details and updates of the inventory over the period for easy high-level audit.  The data display in this report included the details of products, the quantity changed and the reason.

With this report, you can know exactly every movement of your inventory for example, when the inventory bought, sold, invoice modified or even removed. So that you can manage your inventory well to ensure every number of stocks are correct. This can ensure the year end stock count is tally with report to avoid audit risk.

How to generate Inventory Change Report?

  1. Upgrade to L Plan now to enjoy the premium feature!
  2. Find Product/Services and click on the Inventory Change Report.


  3. Set your date for the period you want to see.

    4. You can also filter for the different products. Click the arrow beside "Product" and search. So that you can view the         movement of certain product.

    5. You can also filter it with your own requirements. Click "Columns" and tick whichever you want.