What is Cloud Storage?

Store all your important documents safe and sound online.

No longer losing any of your important information by uploading all your relevant documents or pictures to Biztory online and track it easily.

Biztory offers safe and secure cloud storage and sharing solutions to all SMEs. Biztory will automatically back up all the data on a daily basis to prevent data loss. All the data in Biztory will be backed up and stored in a firewall-protected server to keep it free from vulnerable hackers and virus attacks. Thus, clients can securely back up and restore files across all the connected devices involving smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets, and also access your files from any time, anywhere.

Biztory offers various subscription plans with different upload storage options:

  • S Plan with 0.5 GB Upload Storage

  • M Plan with 5 GB Upload Storage

  • L Plan with 20 GB Upload Storage 

How to check storage usage?

  1. Click the Upgrade button on the menu bar on top

  1. Check the storage usage and storage limit

** Only uploaded  images will affect the storage space used.

How to increase storage limit?

  1. Click the upgrade button, increase your storage capacity by upgrading to M Plan or L Plan.

2.These are M packages included.


3. We accept quarterly and annual payments, and all packages can be paid by credit card. Sign up for the annual package to enjoy a free discount for 2 months.

4. You will get a free 5GB Cloud Storage for M and L users only (Click “Terms and Conditions”to  understand more)


5. Click on ‘credit card’, then fill out the checkout form and your credit card information to complete the signing.

FREE Extra 5 GB Cloud Storage!

If you are a Biztory free trial user, you subscribe to the Biztory M Plan/above where you fit in within the first 14 days of free trial period, you will get an EXTRA Free 5GB storage!!


Biztory offers various subscription plans with different upload storage options, therefore if you subscribe to the Biztory Plan within the first 14 days of free trial period:

  • Normal: M Plan with 5 GB Upload Storage

  • Now: M Plan with 5+5 GB (Total 10 GB) Upload Storage

  • Normal:  L Plan with 20 GB Upload Storage

  • Now: L Plan with 20+5 GB (Total 25 GB) Upload Storage 

*Most importantly, if you have signed up and become a Biztor’s subscriber, we will still keep the remaining amount of free trial days for you.