Biztory’s Automated Bookkeeping revolutionized the way a business’ books are maintained. We help you to stay organized with business accounting and detailed accounting reports and store all your important documents and reports safe and sound online. 

Why do you need automated bookkeeping?

Automated bookkeeping can help streamline your business in ways you never thought possible. Besides, the feature may help you to get rid of the human error element by automating all accounts receivables and payables for easy recording and tracking. The software will monitor all account credits and debits, tracking running balances and offering insight into spending habits. At the same time, you will not worry about losing your data and documents, all your data save automatically on the cloud. And, you may manage your accounting without outsourcing.

What is covered by Biztory’s automated bookkeeping? 

Biztory has already got you covered by automating bookkeeping of commonly used actions such as sales, purchases, expenses and etc.

With these, you can keep updating your sales, purchases, and expenses able to generate a full set accounting report for auditing purposes or etc. 

Lastly, financial reports can also be easily generated online as well (May refer to the 1st image above to get know where you can find the report), allowing you to make smarter business decisions with the click of a button.

So, here is the menu bar (On the first page of your dashboard) where you able to find everything.


After knowing the items in each feature in the menu bar, let’s get to see how the automated bookkeeping works well in Sales, Purchases, Expenses.


You can view all your invoices and details at a glance and search your invoice with the Search Bar on the right side.

You can also view your customer details based on filter and branch.

  1. It is in the “Sales” menu bar.

  2. “Add New+” to save your new customer.

  3. To “Export” your customer details in CSV file or Excel file.

  4. “Search” your customer.

  5. Select your branch (If you have more branches).


You can view all your purchases invoices and details at a glance and search your invoice with the Search Bar on the right side.

  1. “Add New+” to key in new purchases invoice.

    1. “Unpaid” purchases invoice


You can view all your expenses and details at a glance and search your expenses with the Search Bar on the right side.

  1. “Add New+” expenses

  2. Identify “Unpaid Expenses”

  3. This symbol defined Recurring Bill