Steps to sync Aliments sales into Biztory

  1. Login into you Biztory subdomain.

  2. Go to the top right and choose “My User”.

  1. Click “Add New +” to add Aliments’s person in charge to allow him/her to set up for you.

  1. Fill in the name, email address of him/her and the password (password for Aliments’s person in charge, you may set a simple password.)

  1. Allocate him/her as admin and developer. 

Q: Why add him/her as Admin? 

A: Admin can create “Wallet” in Biztory in order to set up the payment method. To know more how to create a wallet click here

Q: Why add him/her as Developer?

A: Developer can generate API key in order to do linking with other parties. To know more how to enable API key click here

  1. Inform Aliments that you have added him/her as an user. Provide him/her your biztory’s subdomain and the password you set for him/her just now.

  2. You may create your orders sales with your Aliments merchant apps.

  3. The sales will be synced into Biztory automatically every night at 3am.

  4. Go to “Sales” and choose “Sales Invoices”.

  1. Match up your sales invoices’ invoice number with the order number in Aliments merchant apps.

What will Aliments’s person in charge set up?

  1. Creating “Wallet” to set up a payment gateway for you in order to match the payment you received into account. 

  2. Getting API key from Biztory’s account to do linking between Aliments and Biztory.