Biztory’s API Integration

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API Integration

API stands for “Application Program Interface”. It is the interface to connect 2 kinds of software. Apart from facilitating connectivity between applications through integration, devices or programs, it also processes requests and streamlines functions in a business ecosystem. Hence, Biztory is having an Open API meaning other software can integrate with Biztory to allow for greater services at the same time allow the users to embed the content from other applications more easily.

Biztory has 30 integration software to provide you with an automated workflow, such as ipay88, MolPay, Hong Leong Bank, Whatsapp, Email and Easystore. 


Biztory works closely with Hong Leong Bank to offload your work from making payments. You can now issue invoices to your customers with a JomPAY biller code and get paid easier. Once the payment is made into your bank account, it will notify Biztory and automate that particular invoice as paid. All these can be done by just one click! 

Instead of paying off your company expenses one by one using Biztory, you can now pay it all at once with just a click away! Our Biztory users can now tick the files that they want to pay, download the file, and upload on Hong Leong Bank ConnectFirst and pay it altogether.

Last, there’s no need to do the time-consuming bank reconciliation work anymore! The Cashflow bar at the main page on Biztory now syncs with your Hong Leong Bank ConnectFirst account, so just check your real-time bank balance from Biztory will do!

Click the link to understand How to enable ConnectFirst PAY

BIZTORY + Ipay88

Biztory collaborates with iPay88 payment gateway to bring you to get paid faster in a click. Biztory users can now receive digital payment effortlessly. With the newly launched mobile money function, the sales entries and debtor knock-off accounting entries will be automatically generated. Besides that, an official receipt email will also automatically be sent to your customer. 

All you have to do is ask your customer to pay through our mobile money function, then all the relevant accounting entries will be completed automatically. In this way, you can significantly reduce your manual data entry work and receive the real-time debtor figure.

Click the link to know How to set up your ipay88 in Biztory.


MOLPay is also another integrated payment gateway that Biztory collaborated with, this integration provides your customer with offer cash, online banking, and credit card payment processing options. When the customer makes online payments via the MOLPay wallet, you are able to check all the MOLPay transactions in Biztory.

BIZTORY + Whatsapp & Email


Biztory also has integrated with Whatsapp and email in Biztory software. These features allow the user to send or share their sales invoice through Whatsapp and email by just one click. Thus, you can simplify your work tasks and share the sales invoice to the customer instantly.

Click the link to know How to Whatsapp and email the invoice directly to the customer


Biztory also wished to benefit online business owners too. NetShop is a powerful online shop system that allows you to manage all your online stores in one stop. It is an ecommerce platform leveraged by Malaysia sellers to automate processes and manage multiple marketplace such as PrestoMall, Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee and Lelong. Through integrated with NetShop, Biztory users can sync the data from Netshop directly to Biztory, so the invoice and inventory will be recorded in Biztory and reduce your workload.

Click the link to know How to sync the data from Netshop to Biztory

Biztory has an open API for you to connect external sources and integrate into Biztory accounting records. Click link to Steps to set up Biztory and Netshop

BIZTORY + EasyStore

EasyStore is a small group of youth brought together by passion to help small businesses grow through technology. With EasyStore, you can easily create & manage your online store and sell online - on your computer, your phone & your tablet. It is good E commerce solution for your online business! Besides that, you can track your inventory quicker and check the top selling products of your online store! 

Through integrated with EasyStore, you can now sync date from EasyStore directly to Biztory. Then, Biztory will automatically create a sales invoice and record sales. 

How does it work? click Steps to set up Biztory and EasyStore?

BIZTORY + Sitegiant

SiteGiant is one of the largest eCommerce stores that allows you to manage your online business and social commerce! It is an ecommerce platform leveraged by Malaysia sellers to automate processes and manage multiple marketplace such as PrestoMall, Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee, Lelong and as well as your social media business such as Facebook and Instagram. 


Through integrated with SiteGiant, Biztory users can sync the data from SiteGiant directly to Biztory, so the sales and payment received will be recorded in Biztory automatically. 

How does it work? click Steps to set up Biztory and SiteGiant 

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