1. How to enable SST?

1.1 Go to My Biztory

1.2 Go to General

1.3 Enable SST then, choose the SST commencement date and choose Accrual basis or Cash basis

  1. What is Accrual Basis and Cash Basis?

  • Accrual Basis: SST calculated when a sales invoice is created. Recommended for industry that are not service line

  • Cash Basis: SST calculated after payment has been made to the sale invoice. (Recommended for industries that have a service line.)

  1. SST setting

3.1 Default SST setting

  • You may choose either Service tax or Sales Tax

  • Service tax will be 6%, whereby Sales tax will have option for 0%, 5% or 10%

  1. Type of sales & payable amount

  • The variants of sales /service tax charged and the breakdown will be shown here

  • The value of tax payable breakdown


  1. SST return - When you want to submit the SST, you can come to the SST return report to check the submission date and amount that needs to be made.

5.1 This is the Tax payable amount

  1. You can pre-set the SST type for each product

6.1 Add new/edit product, then go to Advance setting

6.2. Go to Sales info, then;

  • choose SST tax code (1)

  • System will auto calculate the selling price after tax (2)