Why Customer Statement amount is difference with Debtors Aging Report Amount

Modified on Wed, 17 Apr 2024 at 05:09 PM

The figures in the Customer Statement and the Debtors Aging Report can differ due to their respective focuses. The Customer Statement solely captures "unpaid invoices," while the Debtors Aging Report may consider not only outstanding balances owed by customers but also overpaid amounts and other journal entries associated with specific debtors. This comprehensive approach ensures that the Debtors Aging Report accurately reflects the financial status of each debtor by considering all relevant transactions and adjustments made to their accounts.

Here are further explanations for each report:

  1. 1. What is Customer Statement Report: This report details unpaid invoices for customers

  2. Customer Statement

  3. 2. What is Debtors Aging Report: This report categorizes outstanding customer balances based on the length of time they have been outstanding, considering various transactions and adjustments beyond just unpaid invoices.

  4. Debtor Aging Report

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