Biztory introduces you to the exclusive Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting App to help you in creating and track your business on-the-go. Now, we are sharing with all our beloved customers the Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting App Free Trial to enjoy the seamless experience in creating sales anytime, anywhere. This Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting App is exclusive to the Biztory L plan subscriber. 

By this chance, you may get to enjoy Biztory Free Trial when you register a Biztory account.  

This article is available in mandarin - 全新Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting 应用程序 (中文版) 

  • For Biztory New User 
        - You may immediately get to enjoy Free 30 days Trial Biztory Mobile Apps once you register a free trial Biztory account. (Starting from 1/6/2020) 
            PS: Scroll to the bottom to know how to install the Biztory Mobile application.

  • For Biztory Subscriber (M plan)
        - You can get your Biztory Mobile Apps by locking down at RM50/month for NOW. 
            (Actual price: RM100/month)

  • For Biztory Subscriber (L plan)

            - Your plan comes with Biztory Mobile Apps to enjoy the seamless experience of creating sales.

The Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting is now available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Click on the link below to install:


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