General Questions about Biztory Cloud Accounting Software

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What Biztory does?

Our software is Accessible, Accountable, and Affordable which is designed to handle your daily accounting with flexibility whenever, wherever you are. It is also an accounting system that is recognized by accountants and fully backed by 128-bit SSL data security. Now everyone can afford. As low as RM49/month, get efficiency with Biztory today!

- Want to know more about us? You can watch a 90s video about Biztory.

Can I use Biztory if I have no IT/Accounting knowledge?


Yes, you can. With our user friendly software interface, now anyone can handle accounting tasks without the need for accounting knowledge. 


Biztory is also a software that caters to people who are not tech savvy, as everything is designed in the simplest form. 


We also believe that self-education is the best way to learn something, therefore, it doesn’t matter which state or country you’re in, you can always still self-learn the software as we have a solutions page filled with tutorials.


Do I need to hire a special account clerk to do accounting work?

No need, you don’t have to hire a special account clerk to do account work. 


You are able to manage and monitor your real time cash flow and business performance anytime, anywhere. You can even create your sales invoice and purchases and determine estimated tax payable by yourself or your sales team. 


Biztory is suitable for most SMEs, easy to use, able to manage own accounting and determine estimated tax payable.


If you face any difficulties, you can go to Biztory’s customer support to ask questions.

Biztory offers few support options designed to help you! Our experienced customer support team will ensure that your problems will be solved. It keeps you up to date, compliant and technically supported.



Why is Biztory Cloud Accounting Software important to help the SMEs business?


The idea behind this software is to help people to run and maintain their businesses successfully, especially SMEs. 


Research has shown that there are more than 80% of SMEs that fail within a year, and we believe that one of the causes is that people do not take note of the cash flow and expenses coming in and out of their companies. 


With Biztory, our customers can now feel more relieved as, with our software, they can now not only note down their invoices, purchases and expenses, but they can also do their monthly bank reconciliation with our software.


What can biztory do for your business?

  • Create and send invoices, Even when you’re on the go.

You can customize your invoices with logos, payment terms, and get it done in less than 5 minutes. Learn More 


  • Automatically bill your invoices, while you focus on building your business

Have recurring bills? Biztory can help you to automatically create and send out to your buyers. All you need to do is to decide the schedule. Learn More


  • Convert quotation into an invoice in a click. Save time typing, more time cashing in.

Bill your new customers by converting the quotation that you’ve sent into an invoice. All it takes is just one click and you’re good to go. Learn More


  • Send Invoice via Email / Whatsapp. Invoicing on-the-go anytime, anywhere.

Auto-generated invoice URL link for you to share invoices in a click via emailing or social. Learn More

More features about Sales and Quotation

How can this software last long? 

It depends on how long you stay at Biztory. 

Your data must be saved for at least 7 years. 

You may download your own data for your own backup. 


All your data will be saved in our server as long as you stay with the service of Biztory. As per IRB all company documents must be kept for 7 year so we do encourage users to download necessary documents for your own backup for reference too. 


Can I login from phone and PC?  

Yes, we have desktop version, mobile web version, mobile apps (newly launched), enjoy the easiness of creating sales anytime anywhere. 


Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting Application

Biztory introduces you to the exclusive Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting App to help you in creating and track your business on-the-go. Now, we are sharing with all our beloved customers the Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting App Free Trial to enjoy the seamless experience in creating sales anytime, anywhere. Click here to know more about Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting App.


Testimonial of the customer 


Biztory is always trying to improvise to satisfy all our customer’s needs, and we are always happy to hear our customer’s feedback. We have customers all over Malaysia, and here are some testimonials. 

More info about What our customers say about us



Click more to know about:




Biztory Partnership


In Biztory, we always strive to provide what we can do to our customers to better improve their business. But even so, what we can do alone is very limited. Thus, when we work together, we can create a better solution to SMEs, and better improve ourselves at the same time. Learn More

Does Biztory provide any training / Online Demo session for the users?


- Online Demo Session


(Consult the services with a competent professional.)

Looking for an assistant to conduct an online live demo with you? To make sure that you have a better experience, you are allowed to book an online live demo session with us. This online demo is provided on a 1 to 1 basis, with the aim of providing you with a better understanding of our system. As the demo will be demonstrated online via computer, kindly prepare your own laptop/pc and earphone. 


① In order to provide you with a better understanding of Biztory system

② In order to easily get started and understand how to oversee the business

FREE Online Demo

  1. We will provide you with professional advice and recommend the most suitable Biztory plan that fits your business needs.

  2. This online demo conducted by 1 to 1 consultation with the aim of providing you with a better understanding of the Biztory software system and you can get immediate access to a full hands-on experience. 

  3. During the online demonstration, you may get to ask any questions about Biztory software. Our professional consultant is always ready to clear your doubts about Biztory.


Book Online Demo Now: 


- Ask me Anything (AMA) 

AMA is a 1 to 1 offline consultation as well as on-site tutorial. 

You can register by clicking on the link: (Limited Slot)

*This offline consultation is currently not available*


- On-Site Training


Besides, we have solutions ready to help the user to manage and understand how Biztory works, including video tutorials, teaching step by step now how to function.

With this, you may start to sign-up a 30days free trial Biztory account to experience the complete accounting features.  

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