If you have yet set Hong Leong Bank in Biztory

1. Go to 'cashflow" and find "wallet". 

2. Click Add New + to add Hong Leong Bank. 

3. The page will look like this after clicking "Add New +"

4. Choose "Type" as Bank , then choose Hong Leong Bank Berhad in the Bank column. You can customize the Name for this bank if you have several bank account.

Choose your payment method in transaction

4. Go to "expenses", find your unpaid transaction.

5. Click the button (as picture shown) in expenses transaction. 

6. Choose [Hong Leong Bank] as your payment method - Online Transfer. *Ensure you have key in the bank details accurately of your creditors in order to make online transfer correctly.*

Exporting payment file to upload in Hong Leong Bank system

7. Click "Cashflow" and find "Transaction Report".

8. Choose your account - Hong Leong Bank.

9. Choose the payment method - online transfer and click "Search".

10. Please ensure you choose "Outflow", only "Outflow" can be downloaded.

12. Tick the small box to choose which expenses you would like to make it into payment file.

13. Click "Action" at right side and download the Payment File.

Upload your payment file into Hong Leong Bank

14. Log into your HLB account and click "payment" then click "Initiate".

15. There is a window pop out to allow you to choose "Bulk Payment". Move your mouse to "Bulk Payment" and click "Bulk Payment" in another pop out window.

16. Choose "Normal File Upload" for Transaction Type.

Choose "CMS_Normal_Upload_CSV" for Template.

Press "Select" to upload your bulk payment file. *if you fail to upload please change your file name, some symbols cannot be contained*


17. Choose "Single" for Debit Type.

Search your account number (whichever you would like to use to make payment, if you have more than one HLB account).

Then, click "Submit"

18. The Confirmation window will pop out, you may check the details and close this window.

19. Click "Payment" and "File Upload". You can see the file has been uploaded successfully and ready for your verification.