Before you can enable the HL ConnectFirst FastCollect payment gateway option, you must first have these:

i. An active Biztory account

ii. A Hong Leong Bank ConnectFirst account

If you haven't, you can register for a Biztory account here and a Hong Leong Bank ConnectFirst account here.

You also need to register HL ConnectFirst FastCollect service with Hong Leong Bank by filling this form and submit to

1. Go to My Biztory settings.

2. Click the payment gateway tab and select HL ConnectFirst FastCollect

3.  Fill in your Company ID and Biller Code. Set the others as default.

i. Company ID : You can get your Company ID from your Hong Leong Bank ConnectFirst account.

ii. Biller Code : Select your Biller Code according to your chosen bank.

- If you're using Hong Leong Bank, select HL ConnectFirst FastCollect.

- If you're using Hong Leong Islamic Bank, select ConnectFirst PAY-i.

5. Save.

After doing all this, you should be able to view the Biller Code and Reference number on the top right of your invoices.

*Take note that it takes up to ONE DAY (24 hours) after registration for full activation.