Recurring billing

Biztory will automatically create your recurring bills through a simple click in the setting. You may even customize the time period of the bills, as there are few various time settings, such as weekly or monthly available in the Biztory software. 

In some businesses, you may want to repeat your billing to the same payee over a period of time, such as gyms, coaching or tuition centres, condominium management. Rather than creating it over and over again, you can also set up the recurring pattern so that Biztory could help you auto-repeat the billing on behalf of you.

How to create a recurring billing?

  1. Go to the Recurring Billing tab of your invoice 

  1. Change Enabled to Yes

    • Frequency (interval): specify the interval according to the chosen unit. (E.g. 3 days, 2 weeks, 4 months, etc.)

    • Frequency (unit): you have a choice of repeating it by Day, Week, Month or Year

    • Until: the date this recurring should end. If you wish to repeat it forever, kindly leave blank at this column

  1. By default, the recurring date is calculated based on the invoice date. If you want to get more control on how the recurring is going to happen, you may play around with the Advanced settings


  1. Repeat weekly on every Monday 


  1. Repeat monthly on every 7th of the month (e.g.: 7 Jan, 7 Feb, 7 Mar, etc.)c. Repeat yearly on 7th Jan

6. Once you are done edited, click “Save” 


7. When the date arrives, an invoice will be auto-generated by the system and indicated with a "flash" icon

8. At the same time, you will also receive an email notification to summarize the auto-generated invoice(s).