What is the Biztory Referral Program?

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Biztory Referral Program is a program where Biztory subscribers are able to share your personal referral link to friends or family to get a 30% rebate off the total price based on your referral’s subscription package.
But up to RM500.
Meanwhile, friends that use the referral link and subscribe to the Biztory plan could also get an RM50 off the total price

Who can enjoy the Biztory Referral Program?

  • Biztory’s subscribers

So, how can I get the Referral Link? 

  1.  Go to “https://www.biztory.com.my/

  2. Click “Log In”

  3. Enter your “subdomain” and press “continue”.

  4. Insert “USER ID/ GMAIL” and “Password”, Then click “LOGIN”.

  5. Click on the “right top button” (as shown below)

  6. Click “My referral”

  7. Scroll down and Copy the link (as shown below ) OR


  9. You may share through Facebook or Email or any other social media platforms to your friends and family(new user).

  10. They will get RM50 off when they first subscribe to the Biztory plan.

  11. You will get a 30% rebate based on the payment by your friend within the promotion period. (Instead of 10% FOR NOW)

How is it going to work?

Situation A (When your friend subscribe to Biztory M Plan) :   


  1. If your friend subscribes to Biztory M Plan, he/she will deduct RM50 from the original price, and pay RM 940 for 1 year only (RM990-RM50) 

  2. You will get 30% of RM 990( M Plan).

  3. You will need to pay RM 693 for 1 year only [ RM990- (RM990x30%) ] 

  4. If you share to 3 person,and they subscribe to Biztory, you will need to pay RM99 for 1 year only [ RM990- (RM990x30%)x3] 

Situation B (When your friend subscribe to Biztory L Plan) :

  1. If your friend subscribes to Biztory L plan, he/she will deduct RM 50 from the original price and pay  RM1940 for 1 year only (RM 1990- RM50)
  2. You will get a 30% of RM1990 (L Plan) RM1990x30% = RM 597, but "Cap Max is RM500"  
  3. If you are subscribe M yearly currently, you will need to pay RM 490 [RM990-RM500)] for next renewal bill.

If I am not the subscriber, how can I join Biztory Referral Program?

Yes, you can upgrade your account? as a Biztory subscriber and you may entitle the chance to participate in the Biztory Referral Program.

Terms and Conditions.

  1. After the new user gets the RM50 Referral Code from the referrer, the new user is ONLY able to activate and use 1 RM50 Referral Code for the 1st time subscription of Biztory Account and complete the subscription payment.
  2. (Remark: Referral Code is only 1 time used and NOT applicable to referral code accumulate usage purposes)
  3. The referrer ONLY would receive the reward once their referee successfully activates the referral code and completes Biztory Subscription payment. 
  4. Promotion is not applicable with other ongoing promotions.
  5. Discount amount cap Max RM 500.

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