How to activate Hong Leong Bank auto bank reconciliation?

  1. Login into your Biztory account.

  2. Go to Wallet to set a bank account.

  1. Click “Add New” to add your Hong Leong bank account into the Biztory system.

  1. Choose “Bank

  1. Choose “Hong Leong Bank Berhad”.

  1. Key in your bank account number to sync Biztory and Hong Leong Bank and set a name for this “wallet”.

After that, click “show advanced setting” to add more advanced setting.

  1. Tick the last column.

  1. Go to “Cashflow” find “Bank Reconciliation

  1. Click Sync now.

  1. Mapped Transaction - Biztory automatically helps you to match the Biztory transaction with the bank transaction by the date and amount.

Non - Mapped Transaction - There is no recorded transaction in Biztory, but the bank statement has the transaction. (eg. bank charges, or other personal expenses of the card owner) You should create the expenses so that the transaction can be matched.

List of Biztory - The transactions have key in into Biztory (eg. Expenses, Bill paid or Payment collected), but bank statement do not have the recorded transaction. You should double check the transaction to ensure that the bank details are correct.

You can do checking and tick (match) or untick (unmatch) the transactions if the matching is inappropriate. 

You should make sure the transactions key into Biztory do not duplicate and the details of transactions are right.

  1. Save it after checking and make sure everything matches.

What are the benefits of Hong Leong Bank auto bank reconciliation?

  • You can save up alot of time.

  • Reduce human error.

  • You can make sure the transaction is right.