Note: We recommend you to use the “sync products” for the first time to set up the product list in Biztory. For example, if you have an online store and retail shop, the quantity of inventory will be different from the quantity in SiteGiant’s product inventory and Biztory’s inventory.

  1. You can set the product list in SiteGiant. You can set different variants in the product list. Every variant has their own SKU.

  1. Click on "My Biztory" (at Top Right Corner).

  1. Click on "3rd Party App" to activate SiteGiant. (refer the image below)

  1. Click on “Sync Products".

  1. The products are successfully synced into Biztory from SiteGiant. There is a notification pop out showing “Products are queued for syncing”.

  1. As you can see, the products SKU will be synced into Biztory. Every product with different variants will record separately with their own SKU.

For Example, the variants of the botol are in different sizes, quantities and SKU.

In SiteGiant side:

In Biztory side: