What is the purpose of Payment & Receipt Report?

This report will be associated with the wallet that the user has set up.  The report will show the total payment and receipt of all the wallets that he has set up during a certain period of time. strategies will be developed by reading the report. For example, after a user reads this report and compares it, he finds that most of his customers pay by credit card rather than cash. Then he can consider adding one or two additional credit card brushes or applying for more credit card payments, giving customers more choice when they choose to write their credit cards.

To use it, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click “Accounting” > “Payment & Receipt Report”。

  1. Set the specific date and period you want to view and click "Search".

  1. The reports will be displayed by setting the specific period, and the user will know the outflow and inflow of funds through the report.

  1. In addition, the company can export or print this report, by clicking  "Action", There will be 2 options: Export (CSV) and Print.