Why do you need to read the sales summary?

The report shows all the products sold by the company, you can see the individual sales quality and sales amount of each product. Based on the report you can analyze the reasons and decisions from it.

How do you analyze the sales summary?

  1. Set the date range, and click "Search" to view products in that period. You can also choose to view it by a salesperson alone.

  1. The following photo shows the products and quantities sold by all salesmen between 01/10/20 and 01/12/20 respectively. In this report, we can see the total sales and sales of each product during the period.

In addition to analyzing from the perspective of the product, we can also analyze it from the perspective of the salesperson. For example, product NB001, ABC salesperson for this product has a sales quantity of 0, but the other two salespersons, webtory and yennee are good. Therefore, you need to start analyzing this situation such as is it because ABC is not familiar with the product or he doesn't know how to promote the product, the company has to find out the problem and solve it to increase its sales.

  1. In addition, the users can export this report, click "Action". There will be 2 options:  "Export (CSV)" and "Export (Excel)".