Record Deposit in sales invoice. (Not refundable

1. In sales invoice after collect the deposit, you can record the amount here, and this deposit is not refundable. In the next time just need to pay the balance will do. 

Record Deposit in sales invoice . (Refundable) 

1. Please create one new chart of account- Deposit from Debtor. Account type please select other current liabilities(refund).

2. Create new product for Deposit. And assign the associate account to( just now you create in Chart of account one)

3. You need to create new wallet for Deposit, and link back to Chart of account-Deposit from Debtor.
after add the payment method and save.

4. In sales invoice please add the deposit in Item code. The deposit part in to other current liabilities account.

5. After the customer give back the machine/product and you check everything ok, then you can transfer back the deposit to the customer. Go to cashflow -> Fund transfer to create new one. Transfer from Bank and to Deposit Account and save. Remark you can write Refund to which client.