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BizPay is a fast checkout service that helps online sellers to place orders and collect payments in a faster and easier way. It will generate a link for your customers to click on it and make orders, after that they can make the payment immediately through BizPay. With this, you don't need to worry about missing orders from your customer during your live stream session and everything will be done instantly.


**Sellers will need to send URL for customers to make an order during Live Sales**


BizPay App:


Login to BizPay App

        1. Register

'Sign up' to create a new user account with your details. 

        2. Login

'Login' if you already had an account. 

        3. Login successful 

This page will be shown when you have successfully login.

To create a new product 

        1. Click the ‘Products list’ which is under the ‘Products’.

        2. Then, click the button to create a new product.

         3. Fill in the product details.  (shown as the picture below)  *’ info must be filled.

  •  Advanced Product details

            Users are allowed to 'limit the quantity product per checkout' and 'schedule the time of selling the products'


Limit Qty Per Checkout = Maximum number of stock a customer can buy per checkout

Schedule Start Date = Product link checkout start time 

Schedule End Date = Product link checkout end time

 Limit quantity per checkout 

a. Choose the limit for the quantity of the product per order in 'Limit Qty Per Checkout' OR leave empty for unlimited quantity checkout. 

b. Customers will get an 'error message' once the item selected has exceeded the limit set.


Schedule Date & Time

a. Schedule the 'start date' and 'end date' of the product (Customer will only able to order within the set time) 

b.The product status will show 'Scheduled' when it is a future date.

c. Customers will not be able to place an order when the status is 'Expired', as the set date is over.

        4. Click button to save the details of the product.


        5. A pop-up box will be shown when the product has created successfully.



Customer Order

        1. Share the URL of the product to your customer.

        2. The customer will be direct to the page which is shown below.

        3. The customer will need to insert his/her personal info before clicking on the button.


        4. After that, the customer will be direct to the payment session.


Customer Payment 

1. Online bank transfer is available. 

     **Supported bank is shown as picture below.**

        *Credit card payment will be released soon *


        2. The successful payment of the customer will be transferred directly to our Biztory’s company account.

        3. To get the payment of an order from us, the settlement will need to take about 7 working days.


Product / Sale List 

        1. All the products and the sale details will be shown on the list. You may check the latest update of the product status and sales of your company.

  • Product details (view/edit)

           1. Click on the 'item code' to edit or view the item’s details

2. The product details of the selected code will be shown.

     Click button to update the details of the product.

  • Order details (view)

        1. Click on the 'invoice code' view the order’s details

        2. The order details of the selected item will be shown. *Do not edit this page*


        1. Click on the ‘Log Out’ under 'Settings' to log out from the account. 



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