Biztory is able to create multiple sales at the same time using the import feature. Kindly follow the steps below to import the sales.

1) Click My Biztory on the right top


  • Click the 3rd Party App to view the features and ensure the CSV Import is ticked. 
  • Click Sales tab
  • Click Download Sample CSV to view the required data need to prepare 
  • Click Upload CSV then select the Sale sample CSV

3) Preview the data, click Import button then sales will be prepare to import.

4) Sample expected result after imported  

Data definitions 

  1. ref_num - Sale invoice number
  2. invoice_date - Date of the invoice
  3. payee - Customer name
  4. total - Total per item (Same as Amount)
  5. email - Customer email address
  6. phone - Customer contact number
  7. billing_addr - Customer billing address
  8. payment_term - Default Cash only
  9. gst_supply_date - GST supply date (Key in invoice_date if don't have GST supply date)
  10. code - Item code (Act as SKU code)
  11. description - Description of item.
  12. tax_value - Example 6% = 0.06
  13. qty - Quantity per item
  14. unit - Unit per item
  15. price - Price of item
  16. total_tax - Formula = (qty *  price) * tax_value
  17. tax_label - Type of tax

Important noted

  1. The user is encouraged to import sample CSV in order to understand the flow of the import feature.
  2. The column header is fixed and required related data which same as the sample sale CSV
  3. The import will take effect after a few minutes, kindly refresh the Sales page after the import. In addition, the user may try to re-import again if the sales do not create automatically.