Step to link Biztory and EasyStore in Biz Integration

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Steps to link your Biztory with EasyStore

  1. Go to the right top corner, choose “My Biztory”.

  1. Click “3rd Party App”

  1. Tick and activate EasyStore.


  1. Click “Sync my Orders” to enter EasyStore’s panel.


  1. You have to fill in your online store URL Link in the column.

  1. You may go back to your EasyStore website and find an online store at the top right corner.


  1. Then copy your online store's URL link to paste it into the column (step 11)


  1. Click connect. Then, the green page will pop out to notify you that it is installed successfully. 



  1. Click “Save” to refresh the page. Then, the panel will show up.

Sync your Payment Gateway

10. You have to set up for your payment method before syncing orders. If you do not set the payment method, the payment method will be following the default setting - Cash.


In “Payment Method”, you may check and arrange your payment method type.


The purpose of the payment method is to link or bind the payment method between EasyStore and Biztory. This is because the payment in EasyStore and Biztory might be different.


The payment you received in EasyStore will reflect to the "gateway" (left side) after you sync and you can select the payment method (right side) to record how the payment was received. For example, Bank Transfer is one of the gateway in EasyStore, then we can record the payment in  Biztory as Online Transfer. This can ensure the  system and you know where the money comes from.


Click “edit” to add a new payment gateway.


11. Choose the Payment gateway from EasyStore and the payment method to record it at the right side.


Set up your channel

12. You can link your salesperson with the marketplace they incharge. Click “Edit” to add.

For example, if Staff A is incharge of Shopee. You can choose shopee at the left side and choose Staff A at the right side.


Syncing Orders

13. Click "Check for Updates" and the details from EasyStore will show up as the picture shown.

Please note that Only Paid Transaction will be synced into the sales invoices. 


14. If everything is correct. You may tick the small box (you can choose), then click Sync. 

The sync button will pop out right after you select order.

15. Go to “Sales Invoice”


16. The sales are successfully sync from EasyStore! The invoice number will be the same between two platforms so that you can avoid duplicate invoices created.

Why #1003 is not syncing into Biztory?

Reason: #1003 is not a paid invoice.


Click What is EasyStore to know more about it




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