You can now save multiple emails on your sales invoice information. This also allows you to send the invoice to multiple recipients in one go. 

1. Go to Sales Invoice. 

2. Edit or Create New invoice. 

3. Fill in details in each box provided.

4. For the Email box under Customer Info, you can insert more than one email address simply by adding a comma " , " in between emails. 

5. Click save. And now when you click to email to other people, you can now send to multiple recipients. 

We also now allow invoice customisations. Here's how to personalise them.

1. Go to My Biztory

2. Select the Email tab. 

3. Here, you are able to change the content, email subject, as well as email colour in the Invoice Email settings. 

4. After clicking save, you can preview how your customised email will look like when sent.