Creating Building

1) Navigate to Products/Service > Units/Rooms from the main menu.

2) Choose Add New Category from the list by clicking the arrow beside Add New+.

3) Fill in the name of the Building, e.g. Apartment CO3. Hit the save button.

Creating Unit

1) Under the same page, click Add New+ to add a Unit.

2) Fill in the Unit name. The Building created just now will be shown here in the list. Select a Building for your Unit if you want to.

3) Finish creating a Unit by hitting the save button.

Creating Room

1) In the same page, choose Add Room from the list by clicking the arrow beside Add New+.

2) Fill in the room details such as name and price. This price will be used by the system when generating rental collection invoices.

3) Link the Room to a Unit that you have created.

4) Save


1) In the list, you will now see your Unit and the number of rooms each Unit has. If you wish to see details of the rooms, click Edit and go to the Room tab.

2) You can delete a room by visiting the Room detail page.