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Install Biztory into your EasyStore

1. You may log in into your EasyStore account or sign up an account for your online store.

2. Then, you may see your home page in EasyStore. Find "installed apps" and click.

3. After clicking installed apps, the page will go to as picture shown below, then you have to click "more apps". 

    Then, it will go to apps page where able to choose which apps you would like to install.

4. Then, scroll down to find Biztory (you may find it under "Accounting and Tax" category), then click it.

5. Click "install this apps" to install Biztory into your EasyStore.

6. Then, it will link back to your EasyStore. Click "install" to proceed.

7. Your Biztory apps in installed successfully! Then press into "Biztory Malaysia" apps to the next step.

Sync EasyStore into Biztory

8. After that, press continue to log in into your Biztory account. 

9. Then, after logging into Biztory. From the top right corner find "My Biztory" and click into it.

10. Click on 3rd Party App to activate EasyStore.

11. Then, you may see EasyStore as one of the option in the app page. Tick the small box beside "EasyStore", then you have to fill in your online store URL Link in the column.

12. You may go back to your EasyStore website and find online store at the top right corner.

13. Then copy your online store's URL link to paste it into the column (step 11)

  • If your domain does not contain you may go back to EasyStore. Click "Setting" and find "Domain"

  • You can find your domain with here.

14. Paste your online store's URL link then click save.

15. Then, the page will be refreshed. Press into the 3rd Party App again, you may see the EasyStore part added three elements - Order, Payment Methods and Setting.

Set up for the Payment

16. After syncing both app in setting part. You have to set up for your payment method before syncing orders. If you do not set the payment method, the payment method will be following the default setting - Cash.

In “Payment Method”, you may check and arrange your payment method type.

The purpose of payment method is to linking or binding the payment method between EasyStore and Biztory. This is because the payment in EasyStore and Biztory might be different.

The payment you received in EasyStore will reflect to "gateway" (left side) after you sync and you can select the payment     method (right side) to record how the payment received. For example, Bank Transfer is one of the gateway in EasyStore, then we can record the payment in  Biztory as Online Transfer. This can ensure the  system and you know where is the     money come from.

If you have more than one Gateway in EasyStore, you may click + to add more.

Syncing Orders

17. Click "Check for Updates" and the details from EasyStore will show up as the picture shown.

Please note that Only Paid Transaction will be synced into the sales invoices.

18. You can go back to EasyStore , Click into Orders and check if your orders tally with Biztory.

*Please note that if your orders do not contain customer name you have to enable Delivery Order Preference

You have to go My Biztory (Top right corner), then find Delivery Orders, then tick Enabled for the Preference. Then the invoice will be created as Simplified Tax Invoice. Click here to know what is Simplified Tax Invoice.

If the status fail to sync, you may enable Delivery Order Preference again and refresh.

19. If everything is correct. You may tick the small box (you can choose), then click Sync. 


20. Then, you may go to sales invoice to check if the orders have sync into sales.

21. The sales is successfully sync from EasyStore! The invoice number will be the same between two platforms so that you can avoid duplicate invoices created.

If you fail to sync the orders into invoice

Please kindly ensure you select "None" for Auto generate D.O.

Click What is EasyStore to know more about it!